Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ArtsyCrafts weekend

How lucky was I to be able to go to Warrington last weekend?? Lin from LB Crafts and Leandra from Paperartsy were amazing teachers, here are a couple of pics of the projects I completed.

This was a "Slide Mailer" which we covered with a textured paste called "Terra" then covered with paint and embellished with metal.

The main project for the weekend was a Gothic Arch and here is my creation!

We also made a small tray with metal and mosaic tiles but before I had a chance to take a picture my mum had acquired it for her bedside table so she could put her jewelry in when she went to bed!!

The venue was great and I met lots of new crafters so if you like getting messy and playing with metal this is the weekend for you.

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Ikki said...

super crafting - love it! ikki x